There will be no deductions in the salary of the maids

By | November 12, 2018

The ministry of the manpower has specified some of the guidelines which are mandatory for all the FDW’s. It is mandatory to pay the FDW’s not later than the seven days of the salary period. You must ensure that the Sri Lankan maid will receive the dyes before 7th of every month. You cannot make any deductions in the salary as it is mandatory to pay the complete salary as per the agreement. You should pay the expenses for the food and accommodation from your own pocket. If there are any broken utensils at your home then you should not deduct the FDW salary. The penalty for the non-performance also will not have any deductions as the maid must get her full salary.

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Provide the proper medical cover:

There are a few responsibilities which the employer should fulfill for the Sri Lankan maid. The medical and dental care should be included by the employers in the FDW of the maid. The employer should promptly release the salary of the FDW. If any medical treatment is required for the FDW then you should provide the proper medical cover. You should remember that the medical coverage of the Sri Lankan maid will not be related to their work. The employer will grant the responsibility to provide a rest day for the maid. You must ensure that the working conditions of the FDW are safe and also comfortable.

Hire the foreign domestic workers:

The employer should organize for the return journey of the maid if the employment of the FDW will end. It is completely your responsibility to take care of your maids plane ticket. The employee should facilitate a good working environment for the maid by understanding her responsibilities. If you are interested to hire foreign domestic workers then you can visit the official website. The privacy settings for the posts available on our website may change at any point in time. The maid agencies will help you to request or search for a maid. The largest database of the maids is available on our website.